cooling chiller TV

  • cooling chiller TV
  • cooling chiller TV

The cooling element Chiller utilises the same manufacturing form as the TB2 drying tunnel, offering again the same characteristics of maximum efficiency and insulation. This unit is normally placed at the end of the spraying line after the last drying section.
The passage of the hides through its interior allows the surface temperature to be effectively lowered allowing their successive stacking without any problems of sticking.
The particular air recirculation system adopted guarantees a uniform distribution of air over the entire surface of the belt allowing the forced ventilation system to be utilised to its utmost.
The air-water heat exchanger with a broad exchange surface area is constantly fed with cold water produced by a refrigeration group (Chiller) characterised by its high yield.


  • Structure completely manufactured in galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal
  • Fed with cold water
  • High energy efficiency
  • High power and yield refrigeration unit
  • Possibility of working with a minimum internal temperature of 12° C - High cooling efficiency
  • Elimination of particulate in circulation inside of the tunnel
  • Modular element construction
  • Insulation with extra thick high thermal insulation panels
  • Uniform cold air distribution on all surfaces of the conveyor belt
  • Electronic thermostat for temperature regulation
  • Ample filtering surfaces
  • Air recirculation system with electrical fans
  • Large surface area heat exchangers
  • Conveyor belt support roller series equidistant from one another
  • Large sized front and rear doors for easy internal inspection and maintenance of every part of the tunnel